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Takedown Rod Holders

Takedown Rod Holders X-Treme Ryan Rhyno Smith Series

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Now Available in Stainless Steel! The Takedown Rod Holders X-treme Ryan Rhyno Smith Series!!!! This is the absolute baddest bank fishing rod holder on the planet. There is NOTHING like it on the market and puts everything else to shame! 100% hand cut, bent, and welded. Double reinforced bars at the top for pounding into the hardest rocks and terrain, 4 extra bends and a bar added to increase strength nearly by 200%, pulse welded with 100% penetration to guarantee ultimate strength and durability! Built with a single 5/8 sharpshooter dagger to go into the ground, once you pierce through the rocks with the 5/8 pin, you can continue up to 12 inches into the ground just like the original rod holders, giving you both 3/8 bars with double contact under the ground, allowing you to have the strongest and most durable bank fishing rod holder on the market! I have put them through several hours of testing already with a 3lb hammer, and they have absolutely destroyed anything they have been put up against. The X-Treme Series is here. 💪💪💪💪💪💪


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