Small Business, One Man Operation, Highest Quality Guaranteed

Takedown Rod Holders is a small business, single man operation in the heart of the country, in St Joseph, Mo. Every single rod holder is hand cut, bent, welded, and shipped all by one person. With over 13 years in manufacturing experience, every rod holder is guaranteed to have the highest quality possible, shipped directly to your door. Whether you’re fishing off a boat, sand, rocks, mud, packed dirt, clay, i have you covered!! Each order is custom built, as of right now we are approximately at a one week turnaround! 

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F150 VS Rod Holder!!!!!

  • Test Videos on TikTok!!

    Day in and day out, these Takedown Bank Fishing rod holders are being pushed to their limit across the entire country, taking an absolute beating every trip! We want to provide every single cat fisherman with the dependability of a boat rod holder, but on the bank! Doesn’t matter if you’re fishing rocks, sand, clay, dirt, we have you covered!

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  • Indestructible Design!

    We have constructed a rod holder that can be hammered over and over again into hard clay, rocks, stumps, sand, and sun dried dirt! With our double reinforced hammering bars, you can use up to a 3lb mallet to force them into even the toughest terrain!

    Using a 10 lb Sledge on a Rod Holder! 
  • About Us

    Takedown Rod Holders was started in August of 2021. If you would like to interact with me personally, you can find us on Facebook! Takedown Rod Holders LLC! My name is Austin Pettigrew, we are a small business located in northwest Missouri. I work full time as a robot programmer, and welder for a living. At home, I personally do all of the labor for the rod holders, marketing, and sales. All cutting, bending, and welding is done by hand, and I take great pride in giving you guys literally the most top notch product possible! Each order is custom built, which means it takes time to process and order. Due to high volumes, it takes 2-4 weeks to process and ship out (may be sooner) . Once shipped, it’s 2-3 days with tracking info and insurance. 

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100% Warranty Guaranteed

Our Takedown Rod Holders (original & saltwater) are covered with 100% warranty the first year after purchase! If something is to happen to them, just send us the old one, and we will send you a new one!